PorkExpo 2012 in Brazil attracted 12,000 visitors

The PorkExpo 2012 and the Sixth International Swine Congress, held 26-28 September in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil, attracted about 12,000 visitors.

As the show was held at a moment when the industry was going through a crisis, the organisation considered the turnout at the three-day event as ‘a great success’.

More than 50 exhibitors in the areas of nutrition, health, equipment and genetics, among others, were present. In addition, the Sixth International Swine Forum attracted 930 congressmen from over 20 countries. Expert speakers gave lectures on the market, technical production and management.

There were more than 50 hours of lectures on the topics most relevant to the swine, and parallel events such as awards for scientific work and the best swine producer of the year.

Read more about the PorkExpo in the upcoming issue of Pig Progress. A photo review can be found here.

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