MAGAZINE: Using pig crossbreeds and a carbon footprint model

A new edition of Pig Progress – the magazine has been published. With attention for the use of crossbreeds and the introduction of a swine carbon footprint model, this number 7 edition touches on progress once more.

Danish researchers looked into the use of crossbreeds in order to create higher standards of gourmet meat. Apart from the combination of an Iberian boar and a Duroc sow being very interesting for use – the article yielded some interesting photographic material too!

A technical article into the quality of drinking water was provided by contributors of Selko Feed Additives, the Netherlands. The article zooms in onto the use of organic acids in drinking water.

The monthly column by John Gadd focuses on operating curtain-sided buildings – this time accompanied by various tables and figures.

German artificial insemination company Minitube summarised the the optimal conditions for boars in a comprehensive overview as to what may affect their productivity.

Correspondent Stuart Lumb visited Tam Do pig farm in Dong Nai province, Vietnam. How do they deal with the challenges of modern age, that are growing on Vietnam quickly?

Whilst being in South East Asia, Pig Progress also dived into the status of Cambodia’s swine industry. This is still yet to be set up, but first successful attempts appear to be fruitful. Feed & Livestock Magazine’s Apisit Buranakanonda took a look at BVB Investment and Mong Reththy Group.

The Swine Carbon Footprint model is the result of cooperation between several universities in the United States and the US National Pork Board, describes Prof Dr Karl VanDevender, University of Arkansas. How can it be made useful for swine producers?

Calcialiment is a French swine feed company, which was recently acquired by the Danish DLG Group. What did this takeover mean for Calcialiment? Philippe Caldier found the answers.

The US-based swine equipment manufacturers of Hog Slat receive attention in this month’s edition of ‘Company Focus’. A new large distribution facility marks the ongoing growth of the company.

Last but not least, Alltech’s VP Aidan Connolly and Mary Shelman, IFAMA president, dive into the matter why human capital will define great pig companies – in ‘Expert Talk’.


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