Philippines: Sellers of foul pork meat to be banned from ever selling again

The mayor of Manila, Alfredo Lim, has stated that sellers of suspect pork and chicken meat will be banned forever from selling meat in the city and they will also be arrested and charged.

Suspect meat is meat that has been taken from animals which have died from diseases.  A person selling such meat faces the penalty of a fine amounting to between P1,000.00 and P10,000.00  and between six months and five years imprisonment.
Lim has made it known to the public that sellers of the suspect meat may have mixed the foul meat with fresh meat in order to get rid of it. He has also stated that consumers should thoroughly check meat and ensure that a certified stamp is present.

Within in two weeks, more than 1,500 kilos of such suspect pork and chicken meat have been seized by authorities in Paco and Divisoria in separate operations conducted in the city.
Joey Diaz, Manila Veterinary Inspection Board Chief has said that the public should be on alert because it is likely that suspect meat will be prevalent as  Christmas season nears. Members of the public are urged to report suspect meat to the Manila City Hall.

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