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When a piglet becomes a pig

And that's it! A special issue related to the theme of Piglet Feeding is about to be printed and soon to be received by all subscribers.

The extra issue is distributed together with this year’s seventh edition and we have been working hard for it over the last couple of months to compile it. In the market there proved to be a lot of demand to information around this theme - so much that we managed to compile a 52-page special around the theme.

We took a broad approach in defining the 'piglet' in 'piglet feeding'. Piglets can be newborn, they can be two days or two weeks old, piglets can be weaned and in the difficult life phase straight after weaning, and the youngest grower pigs are often referred to as just-weaned piglets.

Thinking about it, however, I wondered when exactly a piglet stops being a piglet... According to our broad approach it would be - what, three weeks after weaning?

Is there something like general consensus as to when a piglet can be called a piglet? And when they grow into maturity? As from what age/ weight do they leave piglet-hood? Do we have different views on this in New Zealand, Canada or China? Don't bother looking on Wikipedia, as I have already done so...

Let me know!


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    John Gadd

    When does a piglet become a pig?
    Speaking from experience - when it is too heavy/a nuisance to lift!
    Becoming younger and younger these days.

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    valarie anderson

    Pigs have emotions, just like us, and why do you have to raise them for food? Would you raise your a relative only to be slaughtered and eaten? I've watched them have panic attacks, go through separation anxiety when removed from a loving home, various sickness, and et cetera. How can you look them in their beautiful eyes and knowing they are going to suffer the horrible slaugher process? Hope you can sleep well as what goes around comes around. Maybe not in this world but another waiting for all of us.


    Thank you for your efforts towards the well being of mankind.May I let you know that in Cameroon,Buea in particular Pid farming is still a problem.We still suffer losses due to epidemics.Can you do something in this direction to take us thepoor farmers out of the mess?Thank you, more power to your elbows as you sit to come up with this information to help us.

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