Australia: Pork will be more expensive with Paylean additive ban

Recently Australian supermarket, Coles, announced that it has banned the use of feed additive Paylean in pork production.

The supermarket does not want pork suppliers to use Paylean in pig feed. Paylean promotes lean pork meat.

The President of the Victorian Farmers Federation pork Committee, John Bourke, has stated that savings in pig finishing  is what drives using the chemical in pig feed. He said "We get our pigs to market faster and leaner, they use less feed, so it makes us more competitive."

Pork more expensive
John Coward, Pork Queensland president, has stated that Coles’ decision regarding Paylean will mean pork will be more expensive to produce.
"The consumer, the retailer and all the supply chain has to realise to meet consumer expectations, if there is a cost in it, it needs to be passed along the line.I can see some positives from people who might believe or want pork that's been produced in a particular manner. But at the end of the day all things come at a cost."


 For more on Coles’ ban, click here.

Source: ABC Rural

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