Australian pork industry concerned about being a target for raw meat imports

There are concerns that raw pork meat will make its way to Australia with the push of exports to New Zealand.

Despite the fact that no raw meat imports are allowed into Australia without being quarantined, the pig industry and Senators are still worried about the situation.

The concerns are tied in with the fact that New Zealand permits  meat from countries where porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome have struck.  With new Zealand importing  meat from  countries, the restriction rules for Australia could be eased.

Andrew Spencer, from Australian Pork Limited (APL), stated that New Zealand’s allowance of the raw meat will affect the situation in Australia. "They can now reference the decision that's made in New Zealand back through a variety processes if they want to, but in particular back through the World Trade Organisation, and say if it's good enough for New Zealand, it should be good enough for Australia,” he said.

Source: ABC.net


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