China: Officials suspended following illegal drug in pork meat

Following the discovery of the illegal drug, ractopamine, in pork meat in China, it has been reported that at least six officials have been suspended.

Initially farm closures in Henan province were reported after the drug was found to be used in pig feed.
Further reports state that Henan Shuanghui Investment & Development Co Ltd, China’s top meat processor, as one of the main companies that had sold the contaminated pork meat.
Pig farms being investigated
Currently, 1,300 pig farms and 130 feed and veterinary drug stores are under investigation by the Chinese government.
It was reported that the pigs were fed the additives - described by state media as either ractopamine and/or clenbuterol - to produce lean meat. Lean meat brings in a higher price tag.
Henan is a major pork producing province of China.

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Source: Reuters


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