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Swine toilet launched

The Swine Research Farm Sterksel (Wageningen UR) in the Netherlands recently started to test the first prototype of a swine toilet.

The idea behind the concept is that pigs can defecate on a relatively small surface. This way the manure can be directly transported away from the pig house, in turn leading to a lower ammonia emission.
The prototype was officially launched by Esther de Lange, Dutch Member of the European Parliament.
(Photo: Agrarisch Dagblad)

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    Dr. Aron Itkin

    I am an inventor of a toilet for pigs (1970's Russia). You can reed at Antwifarms.com "Manure management, odor and diseases control" and Engormix.com "Modern Swine Housing Design".
    I am glad to support this work and would be interested to be involved in the work.
    Best regards,
    Aron Itkin

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