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Ioannis Mavromichalis
Since 2004, I have been using inulin indirectly and incidentally, being unavoidably present in one of my favorite ingredients for piglet feeds, but I have never used it in its pure form. Lately, I have reviewed a lot of new information regarding this 'functional fiber', and it appears to be all positive.

Inulin improves iron digestibility, reduces gut inflammation, reduces the prevalence of dysentery, and in general improves gastrointestinal function and health. I know of some colleagues that think highly of this ingredient to the point of believing it can even replace lactose; but I am not going to go there!

I will keep using inulin through the natural source of ‘functional fibers’ that I trust and use
constantly in all my early diets, but I would like to solicit your experiences from around the world regarding its pure form.

Is it worth it?


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    Dr Nikolaos Kotrotsios

    I would like focus on the theory of the chicory fructans (inulin) to be considered as true prebiotic. According to the most well-know definitions of dietary fiber, chicory inulin and oligofructose are dietary fibers. We already known that the substance must be neither absorbed in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. The key mechanism in the prebiotic effect of chicory ingredients is their complete fermentation in the large intestine. Several non-starch polysaccharides are able to stimulate overall colonic growth by being used as substrate by many micro-organisms in the colon. However, few of them have been able to demonstrate the specificity of this stimulation. Chicory fructans are amongst of them. The complete fermentation of chicory inulin in the large intestine which is associated with its benefits on the intestinal microflora, may sometimes lead to some unwanted side-effects such as flatulence. However this complete fermentation is also the reason why chicory inulin is so efficient in term of stimulation of the beneficial flora. Many other non-digestible substances are only partially fermentable. Chicory inulin is a source of soluble dietary fibre. Finally, regarding to the level of total fibers, I�m wondering about the inulin consumption daily and percentage of the correct inclusion, in order to get predictable results in the digestibility of weaning piglets diet, to promote gut health.

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