News last update:Sep 28, 2010

Inga Food and IRTA sign project agreement focusing on Iberian pig genetics

Mr. Manuel García Lorenzo and Mr. Josep M. Monfort i Bolívar, Food Inga SA and IRTA (Research and Technology Food And Agriculture Institute) directors general, signed a funded-CDTI project agreement. The aim is to characterise three lines of Iberian pigs and their crossbreed from a genetic and productive point of view, laying the foundations of a future selection and improvement program for Iberian pigs.

Nowadays, the Iberian pig production works mostly with pure Iberian pedigree, essentially using just one female line and missing the potential hybrid vigor (heterosis) that could be obtained with two different pure Iberian pedigrees.
Therefore Inga Food SA and IRTA will collaborate in this way, by using three Iberian pig pedigrees (pure and crossed) in order to characterise their production and genetics through a diallelic experimental design, and studying the economic aspect (prolificacy, growth, fine pieces percentage, meat quality ...).
These studies will be carried out in Lleida (for genetic studies) and Monells (for meat quality) IRTA centers, and with the collaboration of the Zaragoza and Extremadura universities.
The investigations expect to discover the three pedigrees genetic determinism and their crossbreed for the economic interests and to assess their combining ability and heterosis. Similarly, the three lines will be evaluated by monitoring the final products obtained through the crossing with Duroc males, under the regulations for Iberian products.
The project results should allow to obtain more efficient animals and then high range product, with competitive prices in the Iberian ham market.

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