German federal elite auction for pigs

Since the end of 2008 the most important German pig breeding associations are working together more closely. At that time, a common platform called "Deutsche Herdbuchzucht Schwein (DHS - German herdbook breeding pig) had been created.

Apart from pooling resources for the protection of interests within the Federal Association of German Pig Production (Zentralverband der Deutschen Schweineproduktion - ZDS), another important aim of DHS is to further develop the supra-regional cooperation.
In order to present themselves together in the public, and after the great success of the first such event in September 2009, the breeding societies will organise the second elite auction for pigs on 4th November 2010 in Laasdorf, Thuringia.
Only top-genetic boars of the breeds Piétrain, Duroc, German Landrace and German Large White from all over Germany will be sold - altogether 55 animals.
Showcase for German pig breeding
With this meeting, the peasant pig breeding demonstrates not only the high breeding level, but shows at the same time the cradle of today's contemporary pig breeding. Some 100 years ago, the modern way of breeding began with the establishment of the first breeding associations. Today, commonly financed research, most modern breeding methods and standardised performance testing constitute the basics of breeding.
In the last year, the breeding associations united in the DHS sold about 130,000 breeding animals. That is more than every other breeding organisation in Germany.
Customer service and consultation are obvious for the breeding associations in order to bring this advantage into practice.
The organisation team expects a large resonance and numerous guests from at home and abroad.

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