BPEX: New section on website – more info on pig business

Good information is essential for running a good pig business and BPEX has just launched a new section on its website site which offers just that.

The Key Performance Indicators section on the Market Intelligence area has been completely revamped and updated and offers a vital tool to producers keen to improve productivity and profitability.
Using Agrosoft data, figures will be available for indoor breeding herds, outdoor breeding herds, rearing herds 7-35kg, finishing herds 35-110kg and combined rearer-finisher herds 7-110kg.
AHDB Senior Analyst James Park said: "On top of that, producers will have the opportunity to insert their own data alongside the recorded information which can then be downloaded as an excel file for further analysis and recording.
"Visual depiction using graphs which can be manipulated to choose the preferred KPI and check boxes which allow comparisons between the sample average, top third and top 10% of producers.
"All in all it is an extremely flexible addition to the website which can benefit all producers."

The data will be updated every three months and will show figures covering the latest rolling 12 month period.
The KPIs are also split into "Super Six" categories which highlight the headline KPI's. Further information is accessible with a further click on the page.
To access the new section please visit www.bpex.org.uk and go to Market Intelligence. If it is your first visit, you will have to register.

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