BPEX: Farms apply for pig health funding

Four pig producer groups will put in pilot applications next month for support for specific on-farm projects to improve pig health.

If successful, it is anticipated that all producer clusters in the Yorkshire and Humberside Health and Eastern Pig Health Schemes will soon be able to submit funding applications.
The schemes are all about working together, so applications must come from local groups of producers who are collaborating to improve pig health, rather than from individuals. Funding is not guaranteed and each application will be assessed separately. Any items accepted for funding will need to have an expected lifespan of more than five years.
Helen Clarke and Ross Lake at BPEX are there to help producer clusters work through their applications. Now is the time to start planning how they can make the most of the funding to improve pig health.
Helen Clarke (Yorkshire and Humberside): 07973 701369 helen.clarke@bpex.org.uk
Ross Lake (East Anglia): 07792 681203 ross.lake@bpex.org.uk

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