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Reducing piglet diarrhoea and oedema disease with minerals

Vitfoss in Denmark has introduced a new mineral product for piglets, Pig-Omic. This product is a combination of organic and inorganic minerals and can help in reducing gastro intestinal problems in pigs.

The company underlines that Pig-Omic has the same positive effect on post-weaning diarrhoea as zinc in high doses. Pig-Omic, however, is optimised in accordance with nutritional and legislative consideration for the content of copper, iron and zinc. The product is among other things characterised by the zinc content being so low that it is possible to use it beyond 14 days after weaning, a period in which it is prohibited to use high doses of zinc. With Pig-Omic it is thus possible to plan feed change according to production schedules and to the piglets' nutrient requirements – and not according to legislative regulations.
Realistic combination
The development of Pig-Omic has implied several tests in practice. In three initial tests inorganic copper, iron and zinc were replaced by organic copper, iron and zinc. It was tried out, which effect the replacement had on the production results and the occurrence of post-weaning diarrhoea. A significant effect on diarrhoea was shown. However, the price of the feed would reach an unrealistically high level due to the use of organic material only.
Vitfoss has therefore conducted additional tests with the purpose of identifying a combination of organic and inorganic minerals with the same positive effect on production results and occurrence of diarrhoea, and at the same being produced at a competitive price. Vitfoss now announces that this objective has been achieved with the development of Pig-Omic.
Possible effect against oedema disease
Not only did Vitfoss look into the diarrhoea occurrence, the company has also tested Pig-Omic in a herd with oedema disease problems. The results from this trial also seem promising, and Vitfoss will consequently proceed documenting Pig-Omits effect on oedema disease. This step is not least actualised by the fact that the Danish veterinary authorities have announced that the production of oedema disease serum has been terminated.
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