British farmers welcome easier feed guidelines

In a move that will likely be welcomed by those in the animal feed industry, the UK Food Standards Agency has rolled out a new simplified system for recording stocks.

As part of the Meat Products Regulations 2003, farmers were previously required to keep a number of records such as where the animal feed was purchased from and whether it was sold on to a third party.
However, according to FSA this resulted in both wasted time and money and has lead to a reform of the legislation.
"The [new] guidance has been trialled with farmers in England who, after seeing it, told the agency they were much clearer about what records they need to keep," states the FSA.
Time saving
It is predicted that by not filling in unnecessary forms, each farmer could save over 35 hours per year, as the new guidance will demand only an hour each month to update feed records.
With global meat consumption rising, the animal feed industry has become a growth business in the UK and the new regulations could help stockists focus on boosting production rather than sorting paper work.


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