News last update:Sep 28, 2010

Weda: Feeding program completely revised

With their current software version “V025“ for the Excellent 4PX computer, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp introduce a completely revised feeding program to the market.

The rapidly advancing structural changes in pig production on a national and international scale lead to permanently larger stocks in highly modern and animal friendly house units and require efficient computer and software architecture. Weda have been synonymous with user-friendly feeding software.
With the new version of “V025“, this ease of operation has once more become optimised. An important feature is animal charge tracing. By means of this, the unit manager is able - as opposed to location-specific evaluation – to keep a perfect track on things, even in the case of group transfer or mixing. And he is therefore able to evaluate the exact feed amount and origin for each animal, entirely in keeping with a user-friendly quality assurance.
The filter is an instrument which the unit manage can use – quite according to his requirements to display min./max. values like for example, “show me those animals which compared with the others have only taken up 60 per cent of feed…“
The 4PX V025 is ISOagriNET compatible; i.e., it can be connected with compatible control computers of other companies. Data securing or update by USB is possible. The large display during manual dosification of components, the mobile data recording directly inside the animal house or the preview which displays when
the silo is empty.
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