AMG Series: Universal Adapter with snap off cap

Absolute Swine Insemination Co., LLC (ASIC), recently released its all-in-one (universal) adapter for their AMG Series™ line of catheters.

This adapter allows for the transition of ASIC's larger diameter pipette to work with any traditional semen container found in today's market.
The  snap-off end, similar to those found on semen bottles and some flat packs, ensures cleanliness and bio-security for semen entering the AMG™ pipette  regardless of what container is used. 
The adapter works with all bottles, tubes,  flat-packs, couchette bags, and other semen containers without the technicians needing to fuss with inserting a cap or worrying that the plug has come out due to the animal's movement. The new adapter (made from a custom soft gripping material) will soon be shipped with all AMG Series™ pipettes.

Editor PigProgress

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