News last update:Dec 15, 2010

Topigs genetics: Top 25% of farms wean an average of 30 piglets

The top 25% of farms with Topigs genetics weaned an average of 30 piglets per sow per year in 2009. This emerged from the technical results of 951 Dutch farms with a total of almost 409,000 sows.

The top 25% of farms (238 farms) accommodate almost 112,000 sows. The average figure for all farms was 27.7 weaned piglets per sow per year.
In 2009, two farms weaned more than 33 piglets per sow per year. Seven farms achieved more than 32 piglets. Almost 100 farms (98) in the Topigs dataset weaned more than 30 piglets per sow per year.
Piglet mortality not increased
Despite the increased production per sow, piglet mortality has not risen. The average piglet mortality was 12.1%, the same as in 2008. For the top 25% of farms the mortality was even lower than the average, namely 11%.
These figures demonstrate that Topigs’ balanced breeding is effective. Paying good attention to vigor and piglet survival in the breeding allows the sows to farrow bigger litters without an increase in piglet mortality. Together with good management on the multiplier farms, this contributes to realizing the agreements made in the covenant with the Dutch government about piglet mortality.
The results have been compiled using overviews from the sow management system submitted by Dutch sow managers. Data from farms that breed their own sows, linked to the Pigbase system of Topigs, were also included in the overview.

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