Russia: Increase pork production through modern genetics

Russia plans to increase pork production through the use of modern genetics and breeding of hybrid pigs.

Modern genetics can provide a high meat yield, high growth rates during fattening, which ultimately allows to improve profitability even amid unfavourable market conditions.
Genetics provides 80% improvement of all indicators of productivity and therefore economic indicators in pig breeding industry.
Despite increasing production of pork in the country in recent years, Russia still lags behind such countries as Denmark and the Netherlands in terms of number of piglets per capita.
In addition, the country still faces an acute shortage of genetic centers for pig breeding, despite some recently announced ambitious projects supported by the state
According to Russian analysts, Russia may completely stop imports of pork from abroad, in the case of increasing  piglets production to at least 1-2 piglets per capita.
(By Evegen Vorotnikov)

Editor PigProgress

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