News last update:Sep 28, 2010

Provimi: Reprofish - alternative for fishmeal

Provimi is promoting the tried and tested advantages of Reprofish, a product based on the essential characteristics of fishmeal.

Research results show that the technical performance of Reprofish is at least as good as that of fishmeal.

Feed ingredient for pigs
Fishmeal is recognised as a valuable feed ingredient for pigs and poultry. However, fishmeal also has drawbacks: the composition can vary depending on the species of fish, the origin and the season. Its quality also depends on the freshness and the manufacturing process. And the protein quality, mineral and omega 3 fatty acid contents also differ between batches. In addition, the price of fishmeal is volatile.

To overcome these issues with fishmeal Provimi has developed an alternative in Reprofish.
Reprofish combines the highly digestible protein source Provisoy with a high quality fish oil, carnitine and minerals. It has a high and consistent nutritional value and can replace fishmeal one-on-one in poultry and pig feeds. No correction for amino acids, energy and minerals is needed and Reprofish is easily processed because of its Micrum form.
 The average protein and amino acid digestibility of Reprofish exceeds that of fishmeal, which implies that the protein content can be reduced thereby avoiding the risk of excess protein that can stimulate the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the gut.
In vitro and in vivo research shows that Reprofish can replace fishmeal. And its cost-effectiveness, consistent quality and proven technical performance makes it a viable alternative.

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