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New swine flu vaccine against three virus subtypes

IDT Biologika has developed and is marketing the first swine influenza vaccine - Respiporc Flu3 - registered for protection against the three most clinically significant subtypes of the virus, H1N1, H3N2 and H1N2.

Swine flu can cause severe respiratory problems and, in sows, serious reproductive disorders, including abortions. This disease is estimated to cost pig producers more than €25 per sow annually. However, the new vaccine contains an extremely well tolerated adjuvant and can therefore be administered to sows at all stages of pregnancy, where it has a stabilising effect on reproduction. It can also be given to gilts and finishing pigs.  
“For the first time we are able to market a vaccine which also provides protection against the new swine flu virus subtype, H1N2,” commented Dr Gert Barysch, IDT Biologika's CEO for animal health.
Sows are given two, 2 ml injections at three-week intervals, followed by a booster during each gestation or subsequent lactations. This provides immunity for up to six months, depending on the animal's age at first vaccination. Piglets will receive protection via the sow's colostrum if the booster is given two weeks before farrowing.
Marketing authorisation
IDT Biologika, based in Dessau-Rosslau, Germany, has obtained European-wide marketing authorisation through the centralised registration procedure and initially will be selling Respiporc Flu3 in Germany, Austria and Poland. Other countries will follow subsequently. IDT's new trivalent vaccine is also being marketed under licence in selected European countries under a different trade name.

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    The H1N2 SIV subtype is not "new". It is true that this is the first vaccine containig this particular subtype of the pathogen, but it was described for the first time in 1994, and from them on.

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