New EU Organic Logo launched

The EU Commission has launched the new EU Organic Logo for organic products, which will become obligatory from 1 July 2010, and which will appear on the market over a transition period of 2 years.

When used on a product, the organic logo indicates that the product is in full conformity with the European standard for organic farming.
Together with the organic logo, as a new asset in identification of all goods there will be also the code number of the certifying body in a standardised format and an indication of the place of farming of the agricultural raw materials which compose the product.
Whereas any change in the logo or its combination with other elements is not permitted, this does not exclude the association of the new EU Organic Logo with existing national or private labels.
The new logo displays 12 stars in the shape of a leaf against a green flag. This "Euro Leaf" was designed by Dušan Milenkovic who won the EU Organic Logo competition. This design was registered by the Commission as a collective trade mark and is now at the disposal of operators.
For a more detailed insight into the guidelines as well as the handling of the new EU Organic Logo a user manual will be available at www.organic-farming.eu.
The new organic Regulation in application since 1 January 2009, establishes a unique governmental standard for organic products. The Organic Logo aims at enhancing consumer trust and fostering the European organic sector.
It will be used inside and outside the EU borders on pre-packed organic products.

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