Joosten: A cost-effective lactose source for piglet diets

Netherlands-based Joosten products introduces Sweelac, the quality lactose product for piglet diets.

Sweelac is a high quality, dairy based concentrate that has been used successfully in a wide range of piglet diets worldwide.
Developed by Joosten products, Sweelac is designed to be an economic and more consistent replacer for whey powder. It is formulated from high quality ingredients to deliver reliable, high levels of lactose and protein in an easy free flowing concentrate.
“Dairy product prices appear to be increasing again,” says Dean Preston, Export Manager of Joosten Products. “Declining exports from the EU and US in 2009 are fuelling this along with rising demand for milk and dairy products worldwide but particularly in developing markets. As world economic recovery strengthens and the demand for dairy products increases, world dairy prices are projected to remain relatively high.”
The increasing demand for dairy products will boost prices and there will be a knock on effect on whey prices. “Producers will see even more cost advantages with Sweelac over using feeds with whey powder,” adds Dean Preston. “And not only are there cost advantages with Sweelac, but we can also ensure a consistent  65% lactose and 12% protein that is highly appetizing to the young pig and has been shown to stimulate intakes. Used in milk replacers, Sweelac is convenient to mix and free flowing.”
Sweelac provides a proven, economical, high quality alternative to whey powder.

Editor PigProgress

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