China re-opens doors to Canadian live pigs

Canadian Swine Exporters Association is pleased to announce that negotiations are finalised and trade in Purebred swine genetics can now resume. China halted importation last May, 2009 due to H1N1 concerns in China.

The Canadian swine genetics industry enjoys a well earned reputation for exceptional quality, reliability and value.  The Chinese swine industry will import from Canada the best quality, healthy Purebred swine genetics from top herds in Canada. 
Strenuous in Canada
Rosemary Smart, the Executive Director of the Canadian Swine Exporters Association is pleased the border has been re-opened: “It has been a strenuous twelve months for the Genetics Industry in Canada, we are delighted about the latest news and look forward to a profitable year for all Canadian producers and exporters.”
It is anticipated that $30 million in live pig exports will transpire in the coming year.  Canada continues to be a leader in the global marketplace. The official agreements and the Veterinarian Health Certificate between CFIA and AQSIQ for exporting to China was for April 15, 2010.

Editor PigProgress

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