Zhongpin's lab designated as key for food quality

Zhongpin Inc., a leading meat and food processing company in the People's Republic of China, reported that the Science & Technology Department of Henan Province in China has designated Zhongpin's scientific laboratory for food quality and processing as a Key Laboratory.

The designation means that the laboratory is now approved by Henan's Science & Technology Department as a Key Laboratory for meat production processing and quality assurance. This Key Laboratory was created in collaboration with Henan Agricultural University.
Quality assurance in food production
The designation of the Key Laboratory is another important achievement for Zhongpin, especially for the Company's quality assurance system that is applied to food production. The government's recognition has resulted from Zhongpin's aggressive investments and vigorous actions to provide the highest quality and safety of its products to its customers - from farm to fork.
The designs and processes used in this Key Laboratory are at the forefront of the industry and are based on the world's leading research, development, process engineering, quality assurance, and information technology for food processing. The laboratory is equipped with the most modern scientific instruments and integrated systems from North America and Asia and uses the most stringent testing and measurement processes.
Scientific factors influencing competitiveness
In addition to its focus on scientific testing to validate product quality assurance and production processes, this Key Laboratory also has the mission to study three topics to advance the Company's and the industry's scientific knowledge and food processing practices: the factors and mechanisms that influence meat quality, emerging new processing engineering and quality assurance technologies that could improve food safety and quality even further, and scientific factors that influence product competitiveness in the market.
The designation as the Key Laboratory is expected to result in a steady flow of outstanding scientists and engineers who seek to work with Zhongpin, to enhance the Company's research and development capabilities, to accelerate the Company's product and process improvements and new product innovations, and to serve as an exchange platform for technical cooperation with universities, technical institutes, and food processors in China and around the world.

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