News last update:Mar 18, 2010

Schippers Export B.V.

Applying ear tags into the ears of newborn piglets is a labour-intensive and time-consuming work. After extensive testing in practice, Schippers proudly presents the Tagmatic.

The mobile machine helps ear-tagging your piglets full automatic, fast and with a standardized quality.

Schippers introduces a revolutionary new technique: the Tagmatic.

The Tagmatic allows you to put the ear tags into piglets in a full automatic way.
The advantages are huge: 
    • Mobility: the Tagmatic unit can easily be mounted on top of a MS Piglet 
      Treatment Trolley (see picture) 
    • Fully Automatic: The ear tags are applied in the ears in a full automatic
      way, using the latest sensor-technology. 
    • High Capacity and Speed: The Tagmatic can easily apply more than
      400 ear tags per hour. 
    • Standard Quality: The Tagmatic allows you to hold the piglet with both
      hands, enabling you to perfectly allocate and standardize the position of
      the ear tag in the ear. Stress and loss of eartags are thereby reduced
      to a minimum. 
    • Productivity improvement: The Tagmatic improves your general
      efficiency by saving you a lot of time-consuming and drudgery work. 
    • Safety: The Tagmatic is fully CE certified and therefore absolutely 
       safe  to use. 
    • Electricity: The Tagmatic works on standard 220 V as an energy

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