New dry feed dispenser for sow management

German livestock equipment Big Dutchman has expanded its product line for sow management by developing a new volume dispenser for dry feeding which has a storage capacity of 8 litres instead of 6 litres.

The new type of dispenser answers the fact that the number of piglets per litter has been on the increase throughout the last years. This, in turn, means that lactating sows need to be fed higher quantities of feed which is considerably facilitated by the use of bigger feed hoppers.

Volume dispenser
The new volume dispenser matches the pipe diameters of the company's dry feeding system Dry Rapid. Yet adapters have been developed so that the new volume dispenser can also be used with other pipe diameters.

The preceding popular 6 l volume dispenser remains part of the product range, all of its characteristics have been integrated into the new one. These include, for instance, a large opening which allows easy cleaning of the hopper; beyond that vitamins can be easily added.

Other assets are a soft-running rope release and an easy-to-read adjustment dial. The storage hopper is transparent which ensures an optimum control of the feed level.

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