New SIV vaccine to include H1N2 subtype

French animal health company Merial has launched a new vaccine Swine Influenza Virus, which also includes the H1N2 subtype. The product can be used in sows, gilts and fatteners.

The new product, Gripovac 3, is said to be the first-ever trivalent vaccine against swine influenza and also includes protection against H1N1 and H3N2 subtypes.

Three strains
The three strains contained in the vaccine are recent and are of European origin. The H1N2 strain has been found in several European countries at a variable rate of prevalence: 89% of positive farms in Belgium, 54% in France, 48% in Spain and 41% in the Netherlands.

Influenza viruses are the major pathogens involved in acute respiratory disorders, and hyperthermia in sows can cause serious reproductive problems, including abortions. Economic losses incurred by swine influenza are estimated at €28 per sow per year.

Sows, gilts, fatteners
The new vaccine has demonstrated broad cross-protection against influenza strains present in Europe. The safety of the new vaccine means that it can be used at all stages of production of sows and gilts, and also fatteners. The vaccination schedule for sows consists of two 2-ml injections at a three-week interval for the primary vaccination, and a booster at each gestation or subsequent lactations. If the booster is done two weeks prior to farrowing, piglets will be protected via colostral immunity.

The new vaccine, developed with IDT-Biologika, was granted market authorisation on 14th January 2010 by the European Commission and will be distributed by Merial in all countries of the EMEA region except Germany (IDT) in 25 or 50-dose bottles according to the country.

Progressively it will replace Merial's current swine influenza vaccine Gripovac, which contains only H3N2 and H1N1 subtypes.

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