Italians invest in new Polish pig slaughterhouse

Bresaole Pini, a well-known Italian meat manufacturer, will start a massive expansion of the Polish meat market through the upcoming launch of a giant slaughterhouse in the Polish city of Kutno in the second half of March.

It's estimated that the construction of the plant, which will employ about 600 people, will cost the Italians around 100 million zloty (€30 million). This will be  the largest Polish slaughterhouse, designed to handle at least 6,000 pigs.

Sharpening competition
According to local analysts, the emergence of such a big player will sharpen competition in the market due to the fact that the Italians will probably offer higher prices for the local consumers than competitors.

According to Thomas Manowca, an analyst of brokerage house BGZ, the effects of the emergence of the Italian meat producer may be severe and will accelerate the consolidation of the Polish meat market which is still fragmented. (Evegen Vorotnikov)

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