Agromek to be held every two years

The largest exhibition of agricultural machinery in Northern Europe, Agromek, will, in the future, be held every other year.

This will be the major, impressive exhibition which Agromek has been renowned for on the domestic and international markets during the past 30 years.
Agromek will be held this year during the period 30th November to 3rd December. Agromek will thereafter be held in 2012 and in the following even years. This year, the exhibition will be held during a four day period and will be open from Tuesday to Friday.

New chairman

Managing Director Sten Andersen, Dan Egtved A/S, is now the new chairman of the Agromek Exhibition Committee. Mr Andersen replaces managing director Peter Hansen, Cormall Agro Holding A/S, who has been the chairman of Agromek for more than 11 years.

Mr Andersen has stated: “We will maintain Agromek as an international exhibition with special focus on Northern Europe and our neighbouring markets. We will therefore present a large and varied exhibition. Many of our exhibitors apply Agromek as a showroom for their export involvement. We shall therefore ensure that Agromek continues as a major, attractive exhibition – regardless as to which country our attendance comes from.”

“An increasing number of our exhibitors wish to exhibit every other year. An exhibition with only machines and implements for arable farming or an exhibition which is solely directed at livestock farming does not have the essential strength or size to maintain the desired international impact. We have therefore decided that we will take the full consequence and change Agromek to being an exhibition that is held every other year.”
It has still been decided that Agromek will continue to be held at the end of November or a few days into December.
Mr Andersen continued: “We take into consideration that many exhibitors have attended the prior exhibition in Hannover. This makes it difficult to hold our exhibition at an earlier date in November.”
Agromek will focus on machines and implements for arable farming plus installations and technology for livestock farming. Agromek will also continue its cooperation with the Machine Suppliers' organisation which primarily involves target groups within the contracting and green sector sectors.

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