Weda: new feeder for 50 pigs simultaneously

German pig equipment company Weda, headquartered in Lutten, have introduced a new product to their dry feeding portfolio.

The XtraFeeder is a pulp feeding automat with eight feeding places at its disposal; this way in two pens four animals each can take up their feed at the same time – free from stress and undisturbed.

50 animals
Using the feeder, up to 50 animals can be simultaneously provided with high-energy nutrients at their feeding places.

Development, production, assembly, and the service for the automat are all supplied by the company. The dimensions of the new 101 litre feeder, filled with dry feed, enables the pig unit operator to feed out 50 animals in two pens by the aid of the automat.

According to the company, the new feeder 'meets with the requirements of modern animal managements'. The approved shape and the special construction of the mechanical assembly groups inside prevent the formation of feed bridges inside the container. This way, hygiene is safeguarded and practically no feed is lost.

The feeder is of a constructed robustly. The frame construction, the round feeding bowls and the dosification collar are made of high-grade steel. The automat is available for trough versions S (for piglets), as also for XL (for fattening animals).

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