Norel unveils new website and corporate image

Animal Nutrition company Norel launched a new website that it says will provide up-to-date information about its products and the company activities.

Norel S.A. has been steadily growing since it was founded in 1980. The original meaning of Norel was the Spanish phrase “NO REconocemos Limites” literally meaning “we don't acknowledge limits”.
Norel was originally a supplier of raw materials for animal nutrition, milk replacers, whey products and protein extracts. In 1982, the company started the production of spray fat concentrates as well as organic trace minerals (methionates). In 1988 Norel opened its biotechnology plant in Leon, Spain, to become the first biotechnology company in Spain specialized in animal nutrition.
In 2001, when Norel S.A. merged its activities with Nature S.A., a company specialized in the production of flavours and sweeteners, acidifiers, antioxidants and mould inhibitors. They became known as “Norel & Nature”. Today, the company announces its new logo, together with the launch of a new website at www.norel.es.
The new logo takes into account the history by combining the two Ns of Norel and Nature, it says, adding that they resemble the Yin Yang symbol and “remind us that the two entities now make one”.
“Our new website comes with an improved corporate identity and many new features and updates. Most importantly, we added a news section that will keep you updated on latest developments and activities of Norel worldwide,” said the company.

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