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Vion Food Netherlands - Guarantee for non-castrated pork

Meat processor Vion Food announced it will serve the Dutch market with fresh pork from non-castrated pigs. After some months of preparation, Vion managed to individually brand each pig with a quality mark.

Vion Food Netherlands thus guarantees the chain of non-castrated pork and can meet the growing demand from Dutch retailers for pork from uncastrated pigs.
The meat processor uses a boar taint detection programme which determines a deviating smell in each individual male pig. Specially trained employees will perform slaughterline controls by heating the meat and subsequently smelling it.
Marc van der Lee, director of communications at Vion, said: "The societal discussion around castration has resulted in a growing demand. Using our careful and large-scale approach we will be able to serve the total Dutch retail market with fresh pork from non-castrated boars."
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    They mean by this the use of entire male production?
    If so, would be interesting to know how Vion can guarrantee the welfare of these entire boars in the last phase of production, near to slaughter.

    Avoiding physical castration to have fights and stress later on doesn't look a great improvement in welfare of the pig.

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