News last update:Dec 3, 2010

Growth stagnation in Danish live pig exports

The growth of Danish live weaner and finisher exports will come to a standstill in 2010 and 2011, agricultural marketing bureau AMI said based on figures of the Danish sector organisation LF.

In finisher exports there may even be a decrease going on and this will most probably continue, the bureau said.
Two causes can be identified for the discontinuation of the growth of finisher exports. German processors have switched to a different payment system (AutoFom) and the total number of pigs in Denmark has been coming down as well.

The new automated meat classification in slaughterhouses leads to the delivery of heavier pigs and from that point of view, Danish pigs are not as interesting, AMI said. The total supply of pigs was a result of the bad economic development in the Danish pig sector – it was 6% smaller in a year-on-year comparison with October 2009.
In August and September, finisher export dropped to about 74,000. Last year, the same months showed over 180,000 exported finishers.

LF mentioned a third factor, as the carcass prices offered by Danish Crown have come closer to those offered by the German competitors, making exports less lucrative.
Piglet exports
Piglet exports will continue to grow, but it is not as strong as in previous years. In first nine months of 2010, over 5.6 million piglets were exported, an increase of over 300,000 animals in comparison to the same phase in 2009. In total, this type of live exports ended at 7 million.
When the trend will continue to happen in the remaining months, the growth will end up to be 500,000 maximum. In 2011, hardly any growth is expected.

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