Merial Flu-Kit - for identification of swine influenza

After the recent launch in all European countries of Gripovac 3, Merial is now introducing the first-ever Merial Flu-Kit to confirm the presence of swine influenza virus (SIV) in the field.

Gripovac 3 is a new swine influenza vaccine including three subtypes of the Swine Influenza Virus (H1N2, H1N1 and H3N2); these strains are updated strains and respond to field requirements of European countries where the strains are circulating.
The Merial Flu-Kit is a diagnosis tool-box intended for use by Veterinarians to help them identify the presence of SIV by in-the-field diagnosis. The kit includes all materials necessary to perform on-the-farm diagnosis: a swine flu clinical symptom reminder card, a thermometer, a Synbiotics Flu Detect Swine diagnostic kit, nasal swabs and instructions for use.
The Synbiotics Flu Detect Swine diagnostic kit enables quite simply to know if SIV is present or not in a fever-affected pig; it does not identify which specific strain is involved - this can of course only be performed by PCR and viral isolation from the nasal swab in local labs.
For further information regarding the obtention and use of the Merial Flu-Kit in your country, please contact your Merial representative.
Gripovac 3, developed with Idt-Biologika, was granted market authorisation on 14th January 2010 by the European Commission and will be distributed by Merial in all European countries except Germany (IDT) in 25 or 50-dose bottles according to the country. 
For further information on Swine Influenza please consult: www.aboutswineinfuenza.com (available soon).

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