Low energy fan – reduce 75% on ventilation energy consumption

DA 600 LPC (Low Power Consumption) is SKOV's new low-energy fan, which can reduce ventilation energy consumption with as much as 75 %. The first units have now been installed in Denmark, and the fan will be exhibited in connection with the exhibitions EuroTier in Germany and Agromek in Denmark, where in 2009, DA 600 LPC was nominated for the Agromek award.

In 1997, SKOV introduced the MultiStep exhaust principle, which received the Agromek award that same year for
setting a new standard for energy-efficient ventilation systems.
“In 2009, we took the next step and introduced a prototype for a new super low-energy fan. This is the fan that we have now named DA 600 LPC,” says Svend Morsing, Technology Manager, SKOV A/S.
DA 600 LPC has been developed specifically for ventilation systems. Motor, regulating unit and fan blade have been developed and optimised in relation to the DA 600 exhaust unit, and the result is a highly energy-saving, pressure stable and low-noise fan unit.
“Compared with other low-energy fans, the DA 600 LPC fan offers savings of up to 75% if, for instance, it is installed in combination with MultiStep in a section with two exhaust units in replacement of an older triac regulated ventilation system,” Svend Morsing continues.
The amount saved will be a little less if the producer has already introduced the energy-saving MultiStep. If DA 600 LPC is installed in a MultiStep system with two exhaust units, it is possible to save approx. 50% of the energy consumption.
“The newly developed fan is also more pressure stable and therefore less sensitive to wind than the frequency-regulated fans that are used as low-energy fans today,” says Svend Morsing.
Pressure stability is of great significance to minimum ventilation, where strong wind impacts may have severe consequences for the welfare of the animals and for the producer's heating bill.
DA 600 LPC reduces energy consumption by 1,500 to 2,000 kWh per unit per year. A saving of this size also has a significant impact on the amount of CO2 that is emitted. For each DA 600 LPC installed, CO2 emissions are reduced by approx. 1 ton.
“In order to put this reduction into perspective, it is worth mentioning that a petrol-efficient car that is driven some 20,000 km per year emits approx. 3 tons of CO2 per year,” Svend Morsing concludes.
The DA 600 LPC project has been completed in collaboration with the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at Aarhus University, DXT, the energy consultants Lokalenergi and the Danish Technological Institute. The DA 600 LPC project won the Danish Energy Association's research award, the Elforsk-prisen, in 2010. This award was given for the most innovative, cost-saving and usable project completed with support from Elforsk during the period 1 April 2008 to 31 March 2010. The project has to document effect and results, e.g. in the form of concrete new saleable products.

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