EAPA seminar 2010 on Plasma at EuroTier

How does Plasma work? Can it be effectively used under EU conditions? What are experiences of commercial farms? Would you like to have an answer on the above raised questions?

Piglet diets
EAPA is taking the opportunity during the world largest livestock show, EuroTier in Hannover, to inform the compound feed industry about the latest developments regarding usage of porcine plasma proteins in piglet diets.
 Recent developments like the increased production levels of sows in combination with high piglet mortality levels, the concerns about reduction of antibiotic usage, and limited availability of other high quality dairy and fish proteins are stimulating the EU feed industries interests for usage of plasma proteins.
This compact seminar allows you visiting the EuroTier exhibition, be fully updated on the topic of plasma proteins and finally do some networking with your European colleagues while enjoying the provided, informal lunch.
The seminar will be in English, with presentations on screen in English and German.
EAPA arranged specialised and experienced speakers:

  • Dr. Jannes Doppenberg (Schothorst Feed Research)
  • Dr. David Torrallardona (IRTA), Dr. Gerhard Stalljohann (LWK-NRW / Haus Düsse)
  • Dr. Alberto Morillo Alujas (Tests&Trials).
The European Animal Protein Association (EAPA) invites you on behalf of their members APC-Europe, DAKA, SONAC and VEOS to participate on the EAPA Seminar 2010, on Wednesday 17 November, 11:30-13:00 hour, at the EuroTier Convention Center, conference room Heidelberg.
To register email: eapa@skypro.be before November 10.


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