Alltech: Pig and ruminant solutions seminars in Hanover

Following the success of the Alltech Poultry Solutions Seminar, Alltech will present two more animal Solutions Seminars that will host twelve international experts in a series of discussions relating to the pig and ruminant sectors.

Taking place at the Copthorne Hotel, Wurzburger Strasse, D-30880 Hanover, in Germany on November 15th, each seminar will be themed “Turning Challenges into Opportunities”.
Alltech Solutions Deployment Team Manager and Chairperson of the Alltech Pig Solutions Seminar, Dr. Jules Taylor-Pickard, expects that “With the chance to address some of the world's foremost pig experts on matters like mineral nutrition, protein nutrition and analysis of current market conditions, this seminar will help to equip attendees with some of the tools necessary to meet today's biggest challenges in the industry”.
At the Alltech Pig Solutions Seminar, topics including the following will be addressed:
• Challenges Facing the Pig Industry in 2010; Turning These Challenges into Opportunities. Dr. Dean Boyd, R & D Director and Nutrition Leader, The Hanor Company, Kentucky, USA.
• Protein Nutrition – How Far Can We Go? Dr. Fabio Catunda, Latin America Swine Manager, Alltech Brazil.
• New Developments in Mineral Nutrition of Pigs. Dr. Gretchen Myers Hill, Professor, Michigan State University, USA.
• Primacy in Science; Where Next? Dr. Karl Dawson, Director of Worldwide Research, Alltech, USA.
• Current perspectives in the European Pig Industry. Mr. Pepe Roquet, Technical Manager, Alltech Spain.
Commenting on the ruminant discussion, Alltech European Ruminant Technical Manager and Chairperson of the Ruminant Solutions Seminar, Sylvie Andrieu said that, “With rising feed costs and increasing pressure on product quality and safety, the ruminant industry needs to utilise every aspect of production efficiency and look to maximising use of existing, as well as new technologies. The upcoming seminar provides a great opportunity for leaders in the field to share information and ideas on how best to achieve these goals”.
The topics to be discussed at the Ruminant Solutions Seminar are outlined as follows:
• US Dairy Challenges – Lessons for Europe! Professor Mike Hutjens, Illinois University, USA.
• Feeding the Dairy Cow – How Do You Know You Are Getting Value for Money? Mr. Martin Kavannagh, Cow Solutions Consulting, Ireland.
• Optimal Rearing Programmes – The Key to Improving Lifetime Performance. Dr. Cat Berge, Berge Veterinary Consulting, Belgium.
• Maximise Silage Power. Dr. Dave Davies, Director of Silage Solutions Ltd., UK.
• What Do We Really Know About Minerals? Dr. Richard Murphy, Alltech European Bioscience Centre, Co. Meath, Ireland.
Source: Alltech

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