Semen Cardona incorporates new center for international trade

The acquisition of the Lacetània center (Clariana, Catalonia, Spain) is going to serve the Spanish firm to open a new line of international trade.

Semen Cardona, Spain's leading production multigenetic porcine semen doses for artificial insemination, has purchased the facilities that the Copaga cooperative had in Clariana of Cardener (central of Catalonia), which until nowadays were leased to multinational Ingafood (from the Netherlands), a leader industry of the national pig sector. The transaction includes the absorption of the Copaga client portfolio and an important part from Ingafood ones.
Thus, Semen Cardona consolidates its weight within the national market of the artificial porcine insemination and, in turn, reinforces its international power. In fact, Semen Cardona will use Lacetània center, with potential capacity for a hundred males, exclusively for export.
With the Lacetània centre incorporation, Semen Cardona now manages six farms involved in the extraction, production and marketing of pig semen multigenetic, 4 of them in the Barcelona area and 2 in the province of Lleida, in addition to a production plant of rabbit sperm in Avià (Barcelona). Currently,  produces doses of semen from a dozen genetic pig, with a hundred different references.
Semen Cardona and Copaga begin a new period of cooperation at a national level that should continue with future projects of international character. Semen Cardona has been a great choice because of its strict policy of quality control and constant innovation, which has earned the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard and the development of major R+D+i projects together with the university sector .
For over two decades of experience, the company from Cardona has reached an important portofolio of clients from all over Spain and from twenty countries in Europe, America and Asia. Despite leading export, internationalization remains in the spotlight in a short and medium term, so the Semen Cardona responsible extends involved in major trade missions overseen by the Catalan government and other public institutions in Catalonia.


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