Symposium: Fat quality in pork processing

The symposium "Role of Fat Quality in Pork Processing" will take place this month, January 19 in West Des Moines, USA.

The symposium is sponsored by America's Pork Checkoff Program by the National Pork Board.

Presentation topics and speakers include:

• What is fat quality, is IV the right measure? Sampling for fat quality, by Dr Dana Hansen, North Carolina State University.

• Pig nutrition impacts on fat qualityand Status of DDGs, gluten, other unique products that might impact fat quality, by Dr Jerry Shurson, University of Minnesota.

• Non-nutrition impacts on fat quality, by Dr Mickey LaTour, Purdue University.

• Interventions for fat quality, by Dr Bryon Wiegand, University of Missouri.

• Diet evaluation and formulation program from USPCE, by Dr David Meisinger, US Pork Center of Excellence.

• Model complete diet formulations against fat quality, by Dr Kevin Touchette, Cargill Animal Nutrition.

• Model-complete diet formulations against fat quality, by Wayne Cast, Value-Added Science and Technologies (VAST).

• Packers and processors perspectives (including export considerations), by panel; includes representatives of Seaboard, Smithfield, Cargill, Hormel and Kraft.

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