Schothorst invests in pig research facilities

The global increase in the demand for animal nutrition research and consultancy is the main driver for Schothorst Feed Research (SFR) in The Netherlands to extend and improve its pig, poultry and dairy research facilities in The Netherlands for about €9 million.

The plans for extension and improvement of the swine facilities are in an advanced stage and these swine facilities will become ready before 2012.

Sow numbers
Dr Marcel Hakkaart, spokesperson for Schothorst Feed Research, told Dutch agricultural newspaper Agrarisch Dagblad that sow numbers at the research institute near Lelystad, the Netherlands, will be upgraded from 250 sows to 330 sows. Subsequently, the facility for finishers will be expanded as well. In the sow facility, group housing shall be applied.

Hakkaart added, “We will face a couple of conditions that we shall have to make, in order to meet nutrition research demands.” Mainly he meant opportunities to measure individual feed intake and faeces and urine excretion.”

Other species
During 2010 two new research farms, one for dairy cows and one for laying hens, will also be taken in production. Both facilities will comply with the latest requirements for sustainable farming. Hence this will be representative facilities where statistically relevant nutrition research can be performed under practical farm conditions. 

As a result of the total upgrade, there will be an institute with up to date facilities to study and answer national and international questions concerning animal nutrition.

Animal products
The management of SFR expects that, due to the increased global demand for animal products and the shortage on the raw materials markets, the international demand for the specific SFR knowhow and expertise will increase over the coming years.

Currently SFR has contracts with the compounding feed industries and its suppliers in over 14 countries, especially for the delivery of knowhow on the nutritional value of animal feed raw materials.

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