Pig feed supplier De Heus: domestic growth in 2009

International feed producer De Heus, based in the Ede, the Netherlands, has had a successful year on the Dutch market in 2009. Preliminary figures show that the company attracted more customers and reached a larger market share.

The figures show that the company's compound feed production in the Netherlands grew 2.2% to over 1.9 million tonnes. Strongest growth could be seen in the egg laying industry, and the cattle industry showed an increase as well.

Pig sector
The pig sector market share in total grew slightly with piglet feeds performing the best. The company's broiler sector showed stagnation in the first six months of 2009, followed by sharp growth in the second.

Through rapid expansion outside the Netherlands, the company has entered the top-20 of animal feed suppliers worldwide. In 2008, the company produced over 2.9 million tonnes of animal feeds in own production plants. The company is active in over 35 countries worldwide.

In China, De Heus is active through an alliance with Wellhope Agri-Tech.

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