Organic chromium allowed for sows in Canada

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has permitted the use of a new bioavailable organic chromium source for the use in breeding and lactating gilts and sows.

The product, called KemTrace Chromium Propionate, manufactured by Kemin Agrifoods, into breeding and lactating gilts and sows in Canada. 

Maximise nutritional value
Cody Swan, the company's product manager says the product is 'designed to provide swine producers with a powerful tool to maximise the nutritional value of feed.'

Chromium propionate is intended to improve average daily gain when fed continuously from weaning to finishing, and is also used as a chromium supplement for breeding and lactating gilts and sows.

United States
The product is available for use in growing and finishing Duroc swine in Canada. In the United States, chromium has been shown to affect insulin sensitivity and as a result promote glucose uptake. The product has been permitted in all phases of US swine since 2000. 

It is also currently the only chromium source available for use in cattle in the United States.

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