News last update:Jan 13, 2010

Kemin acquires encapsulation technology

Kemin Industries has acquired a majority share of an Italian manufacturer of encapsulation technology and products sold via distribution by Soda Feed Ingredients.

This acquisition expands Kemin's already robust product portfolio of animal feed ingredients to include unique encapsulation technologies and new ingredients for the dairy industry.

"Nutritionists are constantly challenged to maximise the digestibility of sometimes poorly absorbed feed ingredients," says Dr John Springate, president of Kemin Agrifoods.

"Sound encapsulation, or the ability to time the release of active ingredients, can target absorption of ingredients at specific locations in the digestive tract. This unique delivery system provides optimum absorption of ingredients for maximum nutrition and health benefits."

"We look forward to joining the Kemin team as we merge our strengths together to better serve both Kemin and Soda customers," says Giancarlo, president of Soda Feed Ingredients.

New technology and products
New encapsulation technologies include: spray freezing, fluid bed, pan coating and coacervation. These encapsulation technologies provide a release in the gastrointestinal tract, application for rumen bypass and protection for hard to handle active ingredients.

Additional products acquired expand Kemin's ruminant portfolio as well as enhance its acidifier portfolio.

These products, available in select regions, include: LYS-50, Col 24, Methioplus (all dairy cattle products), Butyprol (encapsulated source of butyric acid with a low butyrate smell), RepaXol (unique blend of highly concentrated, encapsulated essential oils) and FormaXol (coated source of formic acid with citric acid and encapsulated essential oils into one powerful microgranule).

Lastly, the portfolio includes Finicid, a source of acids and nutritional ingredients that assists with increasing enzyme activity during late stages of finishing pigs.

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