Germany in 2010: growth in pig numbers anticipated

Total German pig production will grow in 2010 by 3% to 57.8 million head. These figures have been anticipated by the German organisation for agricultural and retail companies Deutsche Raiffeisenverband (DRV).

DRV expects that imports of piglets and finishers can grow by 9% to a number of 1.3 million animals; live pig exports are expected to decrease slightly.

2009 pig slaughterings
In 2009, a total of 56 million pigs was slaughtered in Germany, which equaled a 2% revenue growth for the meat production and manufacturing industry. Pork supplies increased by 2.5% to 5.25 million tonnes. Taking into account a decrease of domestic demand of approximately 1.6%, the self sufficiency rate for 2009 came down to 108%.

DRV added that the German livestock and meat industry managed to maintain production figures of 2008 throughout 2009. Total revenue is estimated to be approximately €4.8 billion.

Meat exports
Meat exports have come down in 2009, according to DRV. In the timeframe between January and October 2009, meat exports came down by 7% to €4.48 billion.

Exports to Russia, traditionally an important country for Germany, came down 9% to €336 million. The actual amount of kilogrammes shipped to Russia, however, went up by 3.3%, equaling 278.500 tonnes of meat.

Exports to Poland remained stable, in euros. Until October, Germany exported about €370 million; in kg exports grew by 14%.

Western Europe
In addition, also Italy, France and the Netherlands imported German meat and meat products.

Exports to Italy decreased by 9.6% to €833 million. Exports to the Netherlands came down by 10.3% to €794 million. Exports to France dropped by 9.1% to €624 million.

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