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US: Swine vaccine for human H1N1 strain

Humans may not be the only ones guarding against H1N1 when influenza season hits. Pigs could also be getting new vaccinations, the Associated press is reporting.

As pigs can contract the virus from people, in much the same way people do, the US Department of Agriculture has given several animal vaccine manufacturers the "master seed virus" from the H1N1 strain now circulating among humans. At least one company, Pfizer, says it's developing a vaccination for pigs.

H1N1 isn't yet present US pig herds, and the USDA has not required that hog farmers vaccinate herds against it. However, officials will encourage vaccinations in response to any US pig outbreaks.

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    Jorge Gonzalez

    Is the H1N1 similar in the strain virus than Swine Flu? What is the diference if is? Thank you.

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