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South Brazil prepares for pig fair & symposium

Chapecó, Santa Catarina state, at the very heart of Brazil's pork and poultry industry, will host the I Brasil Sul Pig Fair and II Simpósio Brasil Sul de Suinocultura (II Symposium South Brazil on Pig Farming).

The event will take place from 4-6 August, 2009 at the Culture and Events Centre 'Plínio Arlindo de Nês'. The symposium, although on its second edition, already gathered a fame of excellence, given its organisers (an association of veterinarians at the most important producing region in the country).

The programme this year includes 12 top-quality speeches spread over two days, focusing on nutrition, health and production issues. The speakers range from the industry to the university, from consultancy to government research bodies, from Brazil and abroad.

Austrian consultant Ferdinand Entenfellner will talk about 'Swine production on Europe with restricted use of antibiotics and its influence on the Brazilian way of production'. The use of enzymes in pig nutrition will be the focus of Robert Gauthier's speech, technical director of the Canadian company Jefo.

Dr Patrícia Schwarz, from the Brazilian branch of Boehringer-Ingelheim, will address the issue of 'New tendencies and opportunities for Salmonella control in pig farming'.

On the production side, management of databases, water quality, welfare and feed conversion are the themes that will be dealt with.

As for the parallel fair, 37 companies already confirmed their presence, both from Brazil and multi-national ones and from sectors as diverse as nutrition, communication, health, equipment, and supplements. Some company meetings and technical and market debates complete the event, which organizers planned for a public around 1,000 people. (rgtc)

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