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European experts share PCV2 knowledge

Twenty eight of Europe's leading experts gathered at forum in Rome on 22-23 June 2009 to discuss current and emerging challenges facing farmers and vets working in the European swine industry. In particular, they shared latest thinking on the management of PCV2-associated diseases.

While circoviruses have been present in swine herds for several decades without apparent clinical disease, the current rise in the prevalence of PCV2-associated diseases, including severe systemic PCV2 infection, PCV2-associated pneumonia, PCV2-associated enteritis and PCV2-associated reproductive failure, is a key issue for the industry as little is known about their transmission, pathogenesis, epidemiology and risk factors.

Improving knowledge
During plenary and workshop sessions at the event, sponsored by Fort Dodge Animal Health, they examined recent scientific findings and field experience. They also discussed how they could work together to improve European-wide knowledge of these potentially devastating diseases and to develop tools and other support measures to assist farmers in their management and control.

Experts at the event included Dr Fabio Persico, veterinary consultant from Lombardia, Italy, who discussed the history and evolution of PCV2 associated diseases and Dr Dan Tucker from Cambridge University, UK, who presented a paper on the influence of maternal antibodies on PCV2 control and vaccination. Professor Hans Nauwynck from Ghent University in Belgium highlighted the pathogenesis of PCV2 infections and Professor Mathias Ritzmann from Vienna University, Austria, outlined different strategies which could be employed to control PCV2 in different situations.

Key topics discussed during the workshops included: maternal antibodies and their role in protecting or interfering with piglets' vaccination; the control of PCV2 and the influence of co-factors: the evolution of PCVAD field expression and experiences and recommendations for effective and efficient PCV vaccines programs.

Urgent challenge
Herve Le Galludec, Poultry and Swine Business Manager for Fort Dodge EMEA, added: “Tackling the spread of PCV2-associated diseases is one of most urgent challenges facing Europe's swine industry. Discussions at the forum showed that there is a great will among the industry's leaders to work together to make rapid progress in understanding and controlling these diseases.”

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    Dr. Roland Aumueller

    Very interesting article! Where may I find the abstracts or papers of that meeting on the web?

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