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CPC develops Hog Farm Transition Program

Details of the Hog Farm Transition Program (HFTP) are being developed between the Canadian Pork Council (CPC) and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC).

“Every day is critical,” says Jurgen Preugschas, Chair of the CPC. “Both the Pork Council and the federal government understand the urgency of obtaining formal approval of program details in the swiftest possible manner. Both organisations are committed to working on the application process, setting up the auction system and getting money into the hands of producers as soon as humanly possible.”

At the meeting, presentations on similar programs, including the BSE Fed Cattle Set-Aside Program, the Tobacco Assistance Program and the US Dairy Herd Buyout Program, were made to provide some insights into how these other programs functioned. It was agreed the objectives of the program should be to:
• Allow producers to consider both the long term loan program and the HFTP
• Enable producers to exit the sector
• Contribute to permanently reducing Canada's hog production capacity
• Provide equal access to all operation types without bias (farrow-to-finish, farrowto- wean, weaner and finisher operations)
• Provide equal access regionally without bias
The Hog Farm Transition Program is one prong of a three-pronged federal assistance package announced on August 15. The other two prongs include a long term loan program and an export development fund.

“The CPC will communicate details to producers as soon as they become available and we'll be working hard to get the details worked out quickly,” says Preugschas.

The CPC serves as the national voice for hog producers in Canada. A federation of nine provincial pork industry associations, our organization's purpose is to play a leadership role in achieving and maintaining a dynamic and prosperous Canadian pork sector.

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