Topigs reach 28.6 piglets per sow in Brazil

Pig producers in Brazil with Topigs sows achieved an average production of 28.6 weaned piglets per mated sow per year in 2008. This is an increase of 0.8 piglets compared to 2007.

This conclusion has been drawn from the technical results of 25 farms with a total of over 38,600 Topigs 40 sows. The top farms achieved 30.67 weaned piglets per mated sow.

In 2008, the average litter size was 12.4 live-born piglets (2007: 12.1). The farrowing rate was 92.9% (2007: 92.1%). In 2008, the mortality rate of the piglets until weaning was 7.1%, about the same as in 2007. These results clearly demonstrate that the efforts Topigs has made since 2002 to improve piglet vitality and piglet survival, are paying dividends.

The low sow mortality rate of 4.8% is another example of the work Topigs is doing to improve vitality and robustness. This sow mortality is significantly lower than the Brazilian average.
The technical results are mostly gathered on farms that are located in the central and western part of Brazil, a region with an average temperature of 31 degrees Celsius.

Results of Topigs 40 sows in Brazil in 2008
Number of farms 25
Average number of sows 1546
Interval weaning - 1st service interval (days) 5.4
Sows inseminated 7 days after weaning (%) 91.2
Farrowing rate (%) 92.9
Litters / mated female / year 2.51
Total piglets born / litter 13.5
Live-born piglets / litter 12.4
Stillborn piglets (%) 4.8
Preweaning mortality (%) 7.1
Piglets weaned / litter 11.4
Piglets weaned / mated sow / year 28.56
Piglet age at weaning (days) 22.0

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